Different Ways or Programs You Can Take Advantage Of To Eliminate Student Loans

Have a go at the lotto

A lot of people wish they would win the lottery and eliminate Student Loans. Others try to work really hard and make bigger payments each month so they can get rid of their financial burden. Then there are those who basically pretend that they don’t exist and ignore them until the going gets tough.

If you went to school and got a degree, then the loans are worth it, one would say, but if you cant even enjoy the fruits of your labor at any one point just because you are knee deep in debt, it is not that hard to get discouraged.

I would really like to see someone who has succeeded in paying the whole amount of their student loans. Not to say they don’t exist, but rarely do you hear a success story of this nature. Call me a pessimist. I don’t mind. Frustration of student loans can clearly take you there, so I have learnt, or have been told.

Lo and behold

But on a serious note, I am here to tell you that there is a light at the end of that long, long tunnel. Believe it or not there are ways to eliminate student Loans. Few have gone broadly on the subject; too depressing to talk about, perhaps? Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that down below are a few ways you can partake to eliminate student Loans.

Yes; where there is a will, there is a way. Let us count the ways.

Being employed by the State Government

If you work for the state, there is a program that offers a loan repayment program for all employees who need it and if you are in the low income bracket, you shall definitely qualify. There is a high chance it may be offered to you if you particularly went to school for nursing, social work education, and therapy.

Getting a teaching job

To eliminate Student loans, namely the Stafford and Perkins loans; you can get a teaching job that is full time in a low income secondary or elementary school. If there is a shortage of teachers with certain skills, you can arrange for loan repayments.

These jobs however, are different in each school district, so do your research first before starting out. There are those kinds of programs available for helping you out with your student loans.

Join the Peace Corps

If you are of a patient nature and are determined to eliminate student Loans, then join the Peace Corps. They will repay your loans as much as 70%. If you volunteer, you might see at least 70 countries in your lifetime.

Let me put it this way; your student loans are paid off and you get to travel and see the world. It’s a great way to eliminate student loans.

Work for a hospital

Hospitals will help you eliminate student loans, on condition you work for them. Relax; they are not going to offer your head to science or anything like that. They just want your skills as a nurse or a physical therapist and the like for their patients. That’s the catch. They will repay your student loans if you fulfill the agreement you make with them, depending on what it is. They might require you to work there for a certain amount of time before they can meet their side of the bargain.

Get it at your place of Employment

There are some facilities or companies that have that readily available depending on what type of degree is on demand. They will put that on the table to lure you into getting a job with them. Others might offer a higher salary so that you will be able to pay them off, instead of doing it themselves. Most of it has to do with the cumbersomeness of having to deal with paperwork. They would rather if you handled your own problems, but it’s a fine way to eliminate student loans.

The disadvantage of that one is; you might get caught up with your ‘fat’ paycheck and unconsciously neglect the intended reason why you have a big check in the first place.

Your loan is cancelled

This might be reaching, but it does happen if you prove you are in dire financial trouble. It can be done by filing bankruptcy or if you have disability.

Enrolling in the Army National Guard

When you get recruited, they can pay repay your student loan for up to 10,000 dollars. They offer scholarships too, so if you are willing to jump into that bandwagon again, this is one of the most effective ways to go. You eliminate student loans and at the same time, go back to school again! Can’t beat that.