Simple Ways to Make Money with YouTube

Everything is on YouTube these days.  People go to school, look at tutorials, watch and listen to their favorite music from the past.  YouTube has become a video melting pot filled with anything you can think of.  Watch the news, watch a viral video, or learn how to work on your car.  Well, this could be you.  Are you funny? Do you like making people laugh? Make a video.  Maybe you are a great teacher.  Create a video tutorial.  Do you have a product sell?  Create your own commercial.  All of these are great ways to get started making money on YouTube.  Along with the ways I just mentioned, here are some additional ways to make money with YouTube.

make money with YouTube

Be Creative

I don’t know how many videos I see every day of videos that are made in the homes of regular people.  It doesn’t take a lot of video equipment to make a viral video.  Just make sure the videos are clear and high quality.  All you need is some creativity.  Before Justin Bieber was famous, he was on YouTube.  From there he was discovered by an R&B singer name Usher Raymond.  Now, in spite of his negative actions lately, he’s become famous.  Whatever you talent is, make a video and post it on YouTube.

Sell Your Products

Perhaps you are a business owner with an awesome new product.  Or maybe you have a patented great idea for something new.  A good way to gain awareness about your product is to create a video.  Not only will you make money with YouTube, you will also boost more sales due to the views of your video.  Just think, no one knows what you are doing until you tell them about it.  With YouTube, you are able to tell the whole world what you are doing with just one video.


In my opinion, the bigger YouTube becomes, the lower the student loan deficit will become.  I say this because people are learning new skills by watching video online.  Parents can save on tutoring because there is a video for every subject in school.  Maybe you are the teacher, and you feel that you have developed a way that will help a student understand geometry in a different way.  You can create a video and spread your new learning style to students across the world.  When I was taking online classes for trigonometry I went to YouTube for problems that I didn’t understand.

A lot of mechanics have taken to YouTube to show people how to work on their cars or to show other mechanics how to do something they didn’t know how to do.  Several make-up artist are using it to teach other women how to put on their own make-up.  I also see a lot of hair videos popping up as well. I know someone personally that is making an extra $700 per month from a video that she did on how to do her hair.  That was a few years ago so I’m sure the amount has probably gone up a lot more since then.  Arts and crafts tutorials are fun to create as well.

Creating Revenue

Hopefully, by now you have thought of an idea that will get you on the way to make money with YouTube. If so, these next few tips should get the ball rolling and getting you some views.  Now that you have a video, you have more to do that just upload it and leave it alone.  Now you have to do some work.

  • Promotion – Now it’s time to tell all your friends and family and even those you don’t know about your video.  If you haven’t already, sign up for every social media outlet that you can.  Tell everyone to check out your video.
  • Monetize – In order to monetize your video, you must join the partner program.  This allows you to select advertisements with your video.  You can also sell merchandise.  In order to qualify you have to legally own the rights to everything that’s in your video.  That means all copyrights and licensing must be in place. The amount you make, varies on the ads.  You receive a portion of the ad revenue for every ad shown.
  • Affiliate Opportunities – If you don’t have any idea what to do.  You can review the products of other people.  Become an affiliate of a site review their products and create a how-to video.  Then use the affiliate link in the video description.  This is a unique link created just for you.  When a person clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you earn a percentage of that sale.

For more information or different ways to make money with YouTube, check out the Life Hack website.  They have additional tips and tricks that you can use to create some revenue.