The Big 5 Common Investing Excuses

Investing is a vital part to growing wealth. In this information-saturated society – ignorance is not an excuse for ignoring the need to make investing a part of life. We can make excuses for everything, but excuses keep us from accomplishing what we need and maybe even desire to do.


A recent study by Bankrate proves that many of us make common investing excuses that delay our decision to invest. It reports that over half of Americans do not invest in the stock market. Lots of reasons hide inside this statistic, but many of them can be solved rather simply. This might seem insignificant on the surface, but staying out of the stock market for years at a time can bring disaster to one’s attempt to grow wealth. Test your “common investing excuse” prowess. As you read the points below – answer the question – do you think they are truth or common investing excuses?

I Don’t Have the Money – Truth or Common Investing Excuse?

Excuse! This was the number one reason people gave for not investing – and that is easily understood. It is mistakenly believed that it takes a lot of money to invest, but it doesn’t necessarily take a lot to get started. There are many ways you can begin investing with little money.

There are a number of online brokerages that have $0 balance requirements.

Look for something you can cut in your budget; even small slashes can create room for investing.

What about?

  • Magazines or other subscriptions
  • Meals out
  • Cable channels you don’t watch

This only scratches the surface. This extra money can be applied toward investing. Even $50 per month is enough to start.

It’s Too Hard- Truth or Common Investing Excuse?

Excuse! Lack of understanding is another common investing excuse. Investing in the stock market can be difficult, but recent technological advances and online investing options have made it user friendly and much easier to grasp.

There is a wealth of free investing information available online. Many 401K providers also offer free education. If you don’t have access to a 401K, you might consider a robo-advisor – they act like a personal, virtual financial advisor. They help manage your investments for you. Move past your comfort zone. Jump on into investing – the water’s fine!

I Don’t Have Time Now. I’ll do it Later- Truth or Common Investing Excuse?

Excuse! Why put off till tomorrow the things you can do today? One or two years waiting to begin investing can easily turn into five or even more. Time actually is your best friend when it comes to investing in the stock market. Seize it and let it work for you.

In fact, the Center for Retirement Research states that to retire at age 65, if you wait until age 45 to begin investing, you will need to save three times as much than if you had started at age 25. So, you’re only harming yourself, and your future, by believing there is no problem with putting investing on the back burner till much later in life. There is a cost to that mentality.

I Can’t Trust the Stock Market- Truth or Common Investing Excuse?

Excuse! When we look at the history of the stock market – there are some gruesome tales to tell – even as recent as the mind 2000’s. Investors took a literal bath – lost half, if not more, of their retirement savings and companies went out of business. The fear is understandable.

But, over the last six years the stock market has packed some positives in its back pocket. It has added much-needed wealth to many who stayed in. The fact has to be considered, that in every decade (except the 1930s) over the past century, the stock market has returned a positive result. Due to the nature of the stock market – the focus cannot be on its short-term fluctuations, but on its historical, long-term results.

I’ll Lose Money– Truth or Common Investing Excuse?

Excuse! When you invest in the stock market, you will lose money. It’s a given. However, when done wisely, investing in the stock market is not like gambling – where caution is thrown to the wind and you’re opening yourself up to foolish risk. While you will lose money, there is prime potential to make money.

Don’t make excuses that could work against your efforts to achieve financial independence. Don’t sit on the sidelines thinking you’re fine – make your money work for you. The short-term losses can pale in comparison to long-term gains.

Investing in the stock market can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t give in to the common investing excuses. Grasp the opportunity!